How to make stainless steel screen

December 5, 2022

Some places need a large screen, so that the space is more atmospheric, generally speaking, the screen is limited in size, some materials can not be made larger, such as wooden screen, relatively speaking, metal screen including stainless steel screen can be made larger, how is that achieved?


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The large screen will be made in pieces, welded and installed on site, so that the production of the large screen can be realized.


Some hotels, some public places, need to establish a large screen, stainless steel screen is a good choice. As long as the design can be segmented processing, finally stitching, can solve this problem.


Now the stainless steel screen is used more and more widely, mainly the user is optimistic about the long service life of stainless steel material, no rust, no color, corrosion resistance and other advantages. In addition, with the progress of technology, stainless steel screen color and style modeling is also colorful, for users to choose more.


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