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Company news about Colored Stainless Steel Decorative Panels (Decorative Material)

Colored Stainless Steel Decorative Panels (Decorative Material)


Latest company news about Colored Stainless Steel Decorative Panels (Decorative Material)

In recent years, stainless steel decorative panels have become increasingly popular due to their unique characteristics. Stainless steel products are widely used for decoration in buildings, and stainless steel sheets have become a trend. Stainless steel combines the specific shine and strength of metal with vibrant, enduring colors. These sheets not only retain the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of untreated stainless steel but also exhibit enhanced corrosion resistance. Since its introduction in the 1970s, stainless steel has found widespread applications in construction, chemical engineering, automotive, electronics, and decorative arts.



What are Colored Stainless Steel Decorative Panels?


Colored stainless steel decorative panels are characterized by vibrant colors, making them excellent decorative materials. They showcase a luxurious quality in decoration, offering strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical performance, long-lasting color on the surface, and a changing hue with varying angles of light. The colored layer can withstand temperatures up to 200°C, has better resistance to salt spray corrosion than regular stainless steel, and is comparable to the wear and scratch resistance of gold foil. When bent at 90°C, the colored layer remains intact, making it suitable for applications such as wall panels, ceilings, elevator car panels, car box panels, architectural decoration, and signs. Colored stainless steel panels are commonly used in wall decoration.


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Applications of Stainless Steel Decorative Panels


In the realm of untreated stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel is the most suitable for coloring, providing a satisfactory colored appearance. Ferritic stainless steel is less vibrant in color due to the increased risk of corrosion in coloring solutions. Martensitic stainless steel, with poorer corrosion resistance, can only achieve dark or black surfaces. Austenitic stainless steel, treated with low-temperature surface oxidation coloring, maintains its colored gloss even after exposure to industrial atmospheres for six years, marine atmospheres for one and a half years, immersion in boiling water for 28 days, or heating to around 300°C. Additionally, it can undergo general stamping, drawing, bending, and work hardening processes. Colored stainless steel finds applications beyond building exterior and window frame decoration, including the production of solar collectors using black stainless steel plates with a heat absorption rate of 91% to 93%.


In the field of decorative arts, combining colored stainless steel with printing techniques, such as etching, grinding, and dot printing, can produce permanent three-dimensional relief murals and hanging screens. Colored stainless steel is also favored by consumers when used to manufacture household appliances, cookware, kitchen equipment, and bathroom fixtures.


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Classification of Stainless Steel Decorative Panels


According to the process:


A. Electroplating: A process that uses electrolysis to deposit a metal film on the surface of metal or other material components.


B. Water Plating: A process that relies on the chemical reduction reaction of the plating solution's reducing agent in a water solution without an external power source.


C. Fluorocarbon Paint: Coating materials primarily composed of fluororesin.


D. Spray Painting: Using compressed air to spray paint onto stainless steel panels, resulting in different colors.


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According to the surface:


Mirror Panel (8K), Brushed Panel (LH), Satin Panel, Patterned Panel, Sandblasted Panel, Etched Panel, Embossed Panel, Composite Panel (Combination Panel)


1.Colored Stainless Steel Mirror Panel


(8K) Also known as the mirror panel, the 8K panel is polished with grinding fluid using polishing equipment on the surface of stainless steel, creating a mirror-like clarity. It is then electroplated with color.



2.Colored Stainless Steel Brushed Panel (LH)


The brushed panel (LH), also known as the brushed panel or hairline pattern, has a surface texture resembling straight and thin hair. The surface has a matte finish with fine visible lines, providing better wear resistance than regular bright stainless steel. Brushed panels come in various patterns such as hairline (HL), snowflake sand pattern (NO4), and patterns like random lines and cross lines. These patterns are processed by oil brushing machines as required, followed by electroplating for coloring.


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3.Colored Stainless Steel Sandblasted Panel


The sandblasted panel is processed using zirconium bead particles through mechanical equipment on the surface of stainless steel, creating a fine-grained sand surface for a unique decorative effect. It is then electroplated with color.



4.Colored Stainless Steel Composite Craft Panel


According to process requirements, various processes such as polishing, film coating, etching, and sandblasting are combined on the same panel surface for composite process processing. It is then electroplated with color.



5.Colored Stainless Steel Patterned Panel


The patterned (random pattern) panel has sand patterns composed of concentric circles when viewed from a distance and irregular patterns when viewed up close. It is created by irregular movements of the grinding head, followed by electroplating with color. Both patterned panels and brushed panels belong to the category of satin panels, with different surface states and terminologies.



6.Colored Stainless Steel Etched Panel


The etched panel uses mirror, brushed, or sandblasted panels as base plates. Its surface undergoes chemical corrosion to create various patterned designs, followed by deep processing. Various complex processes such as etching, brushing, gold inlaying, and titanium gold are applied to specific areas of the etched panel, achieving a contrasting pattern with vivid colors.


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There are more surfaces available for customization.

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