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Guangdong Grand Metal Material Co., Ltd latest company case about Zhongwei cooperates with Antam to develop nickel downstream

Zhongwei cooperates with Antam to develop nickel downstream


latest company case about Zhongwei cooperates with Antam to develop nickel downstream

On August 8, 2022, according to the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX), PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM) is cooperating with Zhongwei to jointly build and develop an industrial zone project, and the two parties have signed a principal agreement. This cooperation will adopt the latest nickel production line construction technology and be committed to carbon emission reduction and green development.


ANTAM president Nico Kanter said the company itself is currently focusing on developing the electric vehicle battery ecosystem business, which is in line with the government-initiated nickel downstream project.


"We are very grateful to Zhongwei for its interest in developing downstream nickel production facilities. We see Zhongwei as a potential strategic partner for ANTAM because of its advanced technical experience in nickel processing and a solid corporate track record."


After that, the two parties will take advantage of technology and resources to improve cost competitiveness and develop and construct laterite nickel ore in the industrial park using OESBF (oxygen-enriched side blowing furnace).


The mine smelting production line plans to produce 80,000 tons of nickel matte annually, which will be used to produce battery raw materials for new energy or electric vehicles. The project will maximize and promote the application of green energy and reduce carbon emissions.


At the same time, Deng Weiming, chairman and president of Zhongwei Co., Ltd., said that ANTAM has diversified vertical business integration in the mining and metal fields, with export as its main business.


"ANTAM has always been committed to providing high-quality products, recognized for best industry practice and competitive operational performance to maximize value, and has a focus on sustainability, job safety and environmental protection in its business," He says.


It is worth mentioning that Zhongwei is the largest precursor manufacturer in the world, and its core business is the production of cathode precursor materials and new energy recovery materials.


Zhongwei's main products are widely used in various 3C fields, energy and power fields and energy storage fields; Zhongwei's main products have successfully entered the high-end of the world's top 500 companies with Tesla, Samsung, CATL and Panasonic as their main customers. supply chain;


Zhongwei's advantages in R&D, manufacturing, engineering construction and ANTAM's advantages in mining, resource integration and operation are complementary, and the cooperation between the two parties will create a mutually beneficial situation in the future.


The common mission and vision of both parties is that through this cooperation, it will provide new practical references for the development of green and sustainable nickel resources and regional economic and social development, and will also promote economic and social exchanges between China and Indonesia. In addition, the two parties also agreed to take this cooperation as an opportunity to further expand the areas of cooperation, increase the depth of cooperation between the two parties, provide competitive system solutions for the development of the global new energy industry, and make sustainable contributions to global green development and low carbon. .

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